New winds are blowing and shaking the band! We are very sorry to tell you that our insanely gorgeous vocalist Sariina has decided to leave Reveries End. Sariina is now going to focus on her own projects as she no longer has the time or motivation to continue with us.

Sariina has been an important creative force for the band right from the beginning and without her our music wouldn’t be what it is now. We are extremely grateful for her contribution to the band and wish nothing but good for her with all the new challenges.

So, our upcoming debut ”Edge of Dark Waters” will sadly be the first and the last album with this lineup. We are already started a public search for a new vocalist so that the journey of Reveries End can continue.

Good news is that we are finally found a publisher for our album! We are happy to tell that Sliptrick Records is going to publish "Edge of Dark Waters".

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