Reveries End is a melancholic metal band founded in the spring 2011 in Tampere, Finland. The group consists of five talented musicians creating dark, heavy music with beautiful melodies. The lyrics take the listener on a journey through bleak landscapes, balancing on the line between life, death and surrealism.

The band was born when founding members Veli-Matti Olkinuora (guitar) and Timo Klinga (drums) came up with a couple of potential songs during a fruitful jam session. It was clear that a proper band had to be formed to create and perform this kind of music. The first recruitment was an old friend and band mate Jaakko Oksanen (bass) who instantly recognised what the band was about. The singer was found via an internet ad, and the best candidate turned out to be Sariina Tani, who impressed the others with her charisma and beautiful voice. Later on she has diversified her voice to cover also the harsher vocal styles.

While the debyt demo Beneath the Silent Shades (Jan 2012) also featured guitarist Mikko Pylkkö, the new demo Empyreal Form was recorded as a quartet. In May 2012 guitarist Kristian Valjakka joined the band.

Reveries End is now looking for a recording deal, booking agent and most of all, gigs!


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